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We offer a complete array of cannabis testing services in addition to 502 testing. Seattle, WA, has a growing supply of testing options, but as a discerning cannabis entrepreneur, you know that not every cannabis testing lab is created equal.
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Our dialed-in science team excels at testing everything from potency to terpenes.

From state-of-the-science technology, to a team made up of true cannabis-science authorities, we not only provide the best in accurate testing — our knowledge and experience in the cannabis industry can help you improve your business.

Clean up your manufacturing processes, save failing cannabis lots, and keep customers coming back because of your reliable products with the extra knowledge you glean from our team of industry-leading cannabis scientists. Recreational cannabis businesses are sometimes tempted to use "industry-friendly" labs who provide falsified potency results. We believe that these unethical shortcuts lead to safety concerns, frustrated customers, and ultimately shuttered businesses.

Our commitment: To provide best-in-class quality and safety testing for the full scope of I-502, including industry-leading cannabis potency testing of hard to test matrices such as edibles. We have been compared by clients with intralab studies conducted on their behalf, and consistently report more accurate edible dosages.  Seattle, Tacoma, and the people of Washington State deserve an analytics operation that takes quality and safety seriously. We are helping to change the dial in cannabis testing industry to a more ethical and academic level.

Microbial Testing (Microbial Enumeration) - $50

At MCA, we test your product for aerobic, gram-negative, E.Coli, coliform, yeast, mold, and salmonella bacteria under the microbial testing umbrella. Our industry-standard, validated include 3M™ Petrifilm™ dishes, to ensure we detect the correct bacteria species. We also partner with companies like Romer Labs, a leader in the food safety industry, who have created specialized assays and validated them for the cannabis industry.

Moisture analysis - $25

Our method for testing cannabis moisture content is a loss on drying technique. We gently dry the sample in a 35°C oven for 24 hours with convection. The result? A more accurate moisture result than the commonly used (and highly innacurate) moisture analyzers being used in many cannabis labs. Moisture analyzers measure loss of volatile terpenes and increase moisture readings by a few percent. Normal moisture content for cured cannabis is 4-8%.

Residual Solvent Testing - $50

We use a GC-FID coupled to a Headspace Autosampler in order to detect and quantify Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 solvents. Our method follows the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) method 467 and can be used on different matrices.

Terpene Analysis - $50

Terpenes are the aromatic and flavor compounds found at varying concentrations among the different strains of flowers on the market. They occur in unique ratios and may play a role in how cannabinoids interact with the body. We offer a terpene analysis applicable to concentrates, extracts, and flower samples. We quantify 20 compounds, as low as 5 ppm using a GC-FID.

Standard Cannabis Potency Testing (7-cannabinoids) - $50

Cannabinoids are quantified on a Shimadzu Nexera UFLC 2040 with PDA (photodiode array detector). Our standard cannabinoid method quantifies CBC, CBD, CBDA, CBN, CBGA, Δ9-THC, and THCA in various cannabis based products, including flower, extracts, concentrates, tinctures, and a variety of edibles. We separate these cannabinoids by liquid chromatography and measure them using UV and a photodiode array detector. 

Premium Cannabinoids Panel (11-compounds) - $75

Premium Cannabinoid – Our premium cannabinoid method is our standard panel, plus we quantify an additional 4 compounds, CBG, Δ8-THC, CBDV and THCV. Also included in the premium panel are chromatograms, data comparison and full wavelength UV-Vis spectra.

This additional information can be of use when processing concentrates, extracts and distillates. It is also useful for landrace strain identification. Finially, it is valuable information for consumers that can be included on product labels.

Full I-502 Cannabis Testing - $75

Full I-502 cannabis testing includes cannabis potency testing, microbial screening, analysis for moisture, and testing for residual solvents. All 502 testing regardless of sample type (flower, extracts, edibles) are offered at the same low price. Note: edibles do not require microbial or solvent tests, although their complex nature requires more work to accurately report. Therefore, edibles pricing is the same as for flower and extracts.

Double Combo - $75

Bundle any two of the following tests: cannabis potency, microbial, residual solvent or terpene. 

Triple Combo - $100

Bundle three of the following tests: cannabis potency testing, microbial, residual solvent, or terpene. 

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