Science dream team puts Medicine Creek in league of its own

Posted:  Apr 25, 2017
Recent coverage in the Tacoma Weekly and the Tacoma News Tribune has focused on our science team at Medicine Creek Analytics. We thought we would take a moment to introduce them to you ourselves.

So who are the minds behind the results produced in our ISO 17025 certified cannabis testing lab?

Dr. Aaron Stancik
Sometimes described as an ambassador of cannabis science, Dr. Aaron Stancik plays a key role as Scientific Director for Medicine Creek Analytics. He has been engaged in cannabis science since the industry’s infancy in Washington State. 

With a doctorate in chemistry from the University of Idaho, Stancik is well on his way to making cannabis his life’s work. Beyond the lab’s core quality assurance testing work, Stancik is already forming research partnerships with the University of Washington and other key players in the medical industry.

Dr. Jeremy Riggle
What does a cannabis testing lab obsessed with accuracy need? How about an extra level of quality assurance? Dr. Jeremy Riggle serves as MCA’s Quality Assurance Officer. No stranger to cannabis testing, Dr. Riggle operates a testing facility of his own in Oregon where he is also a professor at Eastern Oregon University.

Kyle Shelton
Lab Assistant, Kyle Shelton is a pesticide chemist and comes to us from PhytoLab, a leading cannabis testing lab in Idaho. His established expertise in pesticide chemistry gained in the cannabis and tobacco industry means Medicine Creek Analytics is way ahead of competitors at complying with new state mandates to test cannabis for pesticides.

So why bring together a science dream team like this? 

At Medicine Creek Analytics we’re committed to excellence and averse to short cuts. We believe that good cannabis businesses supported by the best in scientific testing will ultimately rise to the top. A high tide raises all ships. We invite you to make the journey to the top with us and schedule your next cannabis test with Medicine Creek Analytics today.

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