Ensure your 502 lab results are legally defensible.

We are now certified for Heavy Metals Testing

One of the Premiere Cannabis Testing Labs in the Seattle Area

A WA State Certified & ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Cannabis Testing Lab

A full-service lab that provides full WA state I-502 compliance testing, terpenes and additional microbial panels. We also have pesticides and heavy metals for medical compliance.

Why choose Medicine Creek Analytics?

Bulk rates

Save 10% when you submit 10 or more samples.


Short and long-term contracts available, as needed.

Credit friendly

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We’re cash-flow friendly with simple, net-30 terms.
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We are different

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Dialed in for reliable results

Good science, like good business, is about reliability. That's what we offer at Medicine Creek Analytics.

We are the first cannabis lab in Washington state that has achieved ISO 17025 accreditation, meaning our lab's results meet the most trusted international standards for reliability. Testing accuracy is a benefit to any cannabis business, which is why we've pursued this higher standard of accreditation. The safety of your end users — not to mention the success of your business — comes down to being able to offer a predictable experience.

Emerald Test: Cannabinoids Emerald Test: Microbial Emerald Test: Solvents Emerald Test: Cannabinoids Emerald Test: Microbial Emerald Test: Solvents

Tested for top performance

Protect your business’ prospects by working with an honest, scientifically reliable Seattle cannabis testing lab.

The Emerald Test® is the leading inter-laboratory comparison proficiency test for cannabis. It now measures the accuracy of participating labs’ microbial, residual solvent, and cannabis potency tests. Following a successful spring 2016 test for potency, we re-tested in all three areas and placed among the top-performing labs nationwide in all three areas. Bottom line: we can protect the health and safety of your end users — and the success of your business.

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Rooted in meaningful tradition

Proudly serving the State of Washington with cannabis testing, we’re the first tribally affiliated cannabis testing lab in the U.S.

Our tribally-sanctioned lab came about in part to ensure safe medical marijuana for cancer patients within the Puyallup Tribe itself, which is why our lab is located within the tribe's cancer center. Known for being “a generous people,” the Puyallup tribe also sees our cannabis lab as an opportunity to support a more natural way of managing pain and a way to promote safety within Washington's emerging cannabis industry.

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