Olympia Cannabis Testing

At Medicine Creek Analytics, we offer comprehensive medical and recreational marijuana testing

Searching for a cannabis testing lab that serves Olympia, WA, and the South Sound? Good news, our industry-leading cannabis analysis lab is just 30 minutes away.

The safety of your customers and the success of your business depends on the reliability of your product. At Medicine Creek Analytics, our expertise offers you peace of mind, and we believe, a leg up on the competition.

Unlike some labs, we don’t provide “industry friendly” results. It’s our belief that stocking a product with a falsified test result is not only unsafe, but terrible for business in a free market economy. We bring the best in scientific testing to every order, because we know that you only have one opportunity to prove to each customer that your business is better than the one down the road.

Our cannabis testing services in Olympia, WA
We offer a complete array of safety and quality assurance tests for medical and recreational marijuana. Our lab near Olympia is…

  • I-502 Certified
  • ISO 17025 Accredited
  • Emerald Test Approved
  • Respected and Reputable

Have questions about what we offer? Please, reach out. We’ll be in touch.

Scientific Excellence
Dr. Jeremy Riggle, brings academic rigor to Medicine Creek’s quality systems as QA Office, and our Pesticide Chemist, Kyle Shelton, whose innovative methods are behind much of what Medicine Creek does.

Our Science Team is looking forward to serving Olympia and the South Sound region with the best cannabis testing services in the state.

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