Scientist behind one of Washington’s first certified cannabis labs joins MCA

Posted:  Jan 20, 2018
After a stint at one of Washington State’s first approved cannabis testing labs, Dr. Aaron Stancik brings his credentials as a pioneering scientist in the cannabis industry to Medicine Creek Analytics.

He was instrumental in building one of the nation's first state certified cannabis labs for testing in a recreational market. CannaSafe Analytics, located in the Technology Park near Washington State University, operated state-of-the-art instrumentation from Shimadzu and Agilent. The lab had potential to work in collaboration with WSU and help bolster the local economy, but the region proved too conservative. He found his calling in the Seattle Area and is currently working with the University of Washington providing student research opportunites at MCA.

Dr. Stancik has turned Medicine Creek Analytic's into one of the State’s most well-respected cannabis testing labs and the only ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited cannabis lab operating in 502. He has been one of the primary voices pushing for better cannabis analytics in Washington with numerous articles to his credit.

As the only Scientific Director with two state certified cannabis labs under his belt, we at MCA feel fortunate to have him. Stancik’s background in serving both the cannabis industry and academic community made him the ideal candidate to serve as Scientific Director for Medicine Creek Analytics. Founded by the Puyallup Tribe, Medicine Creek Analytics’ mission goes beyond providing top-quality recreational marijuana testing and medical marijuana testing

Investing in academic research
The tribal cannabis testing lab will be performing research in collaboration with the University of Washington-Tacoma. Their interest in cannabis testing stems largely from a desire to provide safe, natural, and innovative treatment to cancer patients in their community. 

Housed in the Puyallup Tribal Integrative Medicine Building with the Puyallup Tribe’s Salish Cancer Center, Medicine Creek Analytics will support the Tribe's efforts to provide holistic medical treatment.

With an eye toward growing the biotech industry in the greater-Tacoma area, the Tribe has also provided input and tours of their Medicine Creek Analytics lab to the Wedge Biotech Accelerator. 

Says Stancik, “Proximity to UW-T, Madigan, and MultiCare provides us with some unique opportunities for collaboration and cannabis research.”

Growing industry and consumer awareness
Stancik’s status as a true leader in the cannabis science community has set Medicine Creek Analytics apart from other labs, some of which have recently come under fire for providing industry friendly results.

“Objectivity and good science is everything to us, and that is the direction the cannabis industry is going,” says Stancik. “Successful cannabis companies rely on quality analytics, and this is especially true for processors and edible makers. As the industry matures, successful cannabis businesses will be the ones providing a consistent, safe, quality product. This couldn't be more true than for medical marijuana where QC is everything. Consumer confidence in this industry is paramount."


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