Tacoma Cannabis Lab

Medicine Creek Analytics is Tacoma’s recreational and medical marijuana lab

We’re not just the premier cannabis testing lab in Washington. Our science team’s credentials are top-notch in the nation.

Medicine Creek Analytics delivers professionalism, integrity, and unquestioned skill to an industry still in its infancy.

Some cannabis labs in Washington State have earned a reputation for “industry friendly” results. Our firm belief is that falsified results are far from friendly to customers or the cannabis businesses that serve them. The best long-term strategy for any 502 licensee in our industry is delivering a safer, more consistent, higher quality product.

Our Tacoma marijuana lab is…

  • I-502 Certified
  • ISO 17025 Accredited
  • Emerald Test Approved
  • Respected and Reputable

Our cutting-edge instrumentation and procedures meet and far exceed industry best practices, making Medicine Creek Analytics one of the premier cannabis testing labs around Tacoma, WA, and one of the leading marijuana labs in Washington State.

Our services
We offer a full range of recreational and medical marijuana testing services. For some clients, we can even arrange courier services (depends on volume and location). As an added value, our experienced scientists can also help clients trouble shoot failing lots or clean up production processes.

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